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i3 Healthwire RN™ keeps subscribers abreast of the latest news, expert perspectives, and NCPD activities relevant to oncology nursing practice.

Since 2011, our subscribers have turned to i3 Health as a leader in accredited oncology education. Advertising in i3 Healthwire RN™ provides a unique and powerful way of engaging with an information hungry oncology nursing audience.


As an advertiser in i3 Healthwire RN™, you will have the ability to track reader response to your campaign and quantify your ROI. Every issue is designed to optimize open and click-through rates.

All subscribers to i3 Healthwire RN™ have asked to receive our e-newsletter. Placing your message alongside our curated content is a powerful way to inform our exclusive oncology nursing audience about your products and services.


Circulation: 8750+*

Frequency: Published on the 2nd Thursday of every month

Open Rate: 30%

Unique Click-Through Rate: 10.35%

*As of 3/2022.

Specs & Rates

Top Leaderboard (n=1) $1500 net

Leaderboard (n=1) $1000 net

Box (n=1) $1000 net

100% of Share of Voice $3000 net

File Formats

Leaderboard: 728x90 px. JPG, GIF, PNG, and HTML5 accepted. Maximum file size is 40 KB.

Box: 300x250 px. JPG, GIF, PNG, and HTML5 accepted. Maximum file size is 40 KB.

Artwork and URL must be received at least 10 business days prior to campaign launch.


For questions about issue availablity and to schedule your campaign, please contact us.

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