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Why Choose i3 Health & Oncolology Data Advisor

i3 Health's mission is to enhance the proficiency of the multidisciplinary cancer care team by providing evidence-based, fair-balanced CME/NCPD/CPE activities that address identified professional practice gaps and unmet educational needs.

We partner with key opinion leaders, academic/research institutions, professional societies, peer-reviewed journals, and social media platformsUntitled Zoom Virtual Background 2000 1000 px 2000 2000 px 2 compressed to develop and deliver the most innovative educational programming in oncology.

Oncology Data Advisor (OncData) delivers up-to-date, clinically relevant content spanning new drug approvals and cutting-edge scientific breakthroughs, to interviews and commentary from key opinion leaders. Content is carefully tailored to give readers a succinct overview of the latest advances that are directly applicable to their patients and practices.

Benefits of Partnering

As an advertiser with i3 Health and ONCData, you will have the ability to track reader response to your campaign and quantify your ROI. Every issue is designed to optimize open and click-through rates. 

All subscribers to i3 Health and OncData have asked to receive our  e-newsletter. Placing your message alongside our curated content is a powerful way to inform our exclusive oncology provider audience about your products and services.

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Sponsorship Opportunities

By partnering with i3 Health your message and brand will be seen by over 18,000 physicians, nurses, and members of the multidisciplinary cancer team.

We offer multiple opportunities to showcase your brand to the i3 Health and OncData audience. See below for more information about each option.

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  • Digital

    Through a variety of various avenues, your digital footprint can be enhanced with a combination of ads placed on our website and within our monthly e-newsletters.

  • Podcasts

    NEW FOR 2022! – Another great way to reach a large audience and increase your brand awareness is to place an ad in our highly popular OncData Podcast.

  • Awareness Month Sponsorships

    Each month i3 Health and OncData partner with professional societies and associations as well as patient advocacy groups to raise awareness about the impact of various cancer types through exclusive emails, news, free CME/NCPD/CPE activities, live panel discussions, and more!

  • ODACon Virtual Conferences

    Throughout the year, OncData hosts various full- and half-day conferences focusing on one oncology specialty. These events are led by world-renowned clinical investigators who provide expert perspectives and guidance on current challenges, new opportunities, and future directions in oncology practice.

    Get in Touch With Us Today!

    Contact the Marketing and Sales team today to select the best option for your organization.

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